5m Single Newest Sit In Sea Kayak for Sport

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Factory Price is very competitive

This single kayak is the our NEW model in our sea kayaks group.

Size: 5.05 length

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This single kayak is the our NEW model in our sea kayaks group. It’s a good choice for long touring at SPEED from place A to B in record time and be quite suitable for sports. It’s for personal sport use or club activity in long touring at sea. It keeps all the advantages of our single sit in kayaks:
1. proper length and width
2. adjustable foot rest
3. plastic seat with soft cushion and high adjustable back rest
4. removable rudder system for convenient in transporation
And 3 round rubber hatches in 2 sizes can hold your belongings for your long touring travel as well as the fashionable outlooks.
The sea kayak can be made of LLDPE or HDPE according to customer’s request. This sea kayak can be in 3 layer sandwich construction that is the top craftsmanship in this field to enable the kayaks thickness while saving weight that can have superior strength durability and speed.

Specification Standard Parts included in price
Mode No.: EKSIT50000 3* Round rubber hatches (2 * size 8″  and 1 * size 10″)
Size: 5.00×0.55×0.39M  (16’6″*21.65″*15.4″) 1 * 10″ round rubber hatches
N.W: 25kgs  (55.1 Ibs) 1 * Plastic seat with soft cushion and height adjusted back rest
Capacity: 160kgs (352.6Ibs) 1 * Easy adjusted foot rest with rudder steering system
20ft:28pcs    40hq:93pcs 2 * Front and back round carrying handles
1 *  Deck bungee cords
1 * Twin poles or one pole paddle


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