A Buyers Guide To Choosing A Kayak

Have you ever done a quick internet search on the types of Kayaks available? Does it feel like it’s impossible to decide which Kayak is suitable for you? Here at Bay Sports we realize it can feel like you are lost at sea or paddling round in circles!
Don't worry, we have put together this in depth buyers guide to help you figure out the perfect kayak and offer a better understanding of the models available.
Before you jump right in, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. These are;
● What style of kayaking do you enjoy?
● What type of water do you like to paddle in?
● What kind of transport do you have?
These are the three main answers you’ll need to bear in mind when looking for the right kayak, the last thing you want to do is spend big on a racing kayak when all you are really looking forward to is cruising on open waters in a sea kayak.

A Kayak for Every Setting
Life would be a lot simpler if one kayak could fit in every situation and style. Imagine not having to find the right kayak for the style of riding you want to do? There are almost as many kayak models on the market as there are destinations for the sport. So, the first step is to look at the different varieties out there to determine which is going to be perfect for you and your needs. Do you want a racing kayak or one to handle fast rapids? How often will you use it and how much are you willing to spend? Let's take a closer look...

Recreational Kayaks
It’s all in the name, Recreational Kayaks are basically designed as a good all-rounder. Perfect for that person who wants to go explore different types of environments, these are mainly sit-on-top kayaks and fat-sit in kayaks, designed to seat 1-2 people. Extremely popular for families and part time enthusiasts, they feature changeable seating positions to cope with a person of any size, as well multiple length footrests. Not too technical and very easy to use… perfect for that Sunday afternoon paddle around the bay!

Touring Kayaks
A common mistake made is assuming a Touring Kayak and a Sea Kayak are the same thing... There’s a difference. If you are planning to pack your camping gear and go exploring then a Touring Kayak is for you! They have been designed hollow which adds the storage space needed for these expeditions. There is space for your tent, sleeping bag and supplies without the kayak feeling overloaded. Touring Kayaks are made to fit one person but do come as either a sit in or sit on design with a focus on comfort and stability to maximise time out on the water.

Sea Kayaks
Are you looking for something to take out on the open water and get you from A to B with speed? Then a Sea Kayak is for you. Designed as a sit-in kayak, compared to a recreational model, this kayak is a lot narrower which creates more speed whilst gliding across the water. What separates a Sea Kayak from the rest is the additional extras: Adding a rudder and outriggers can help maintain a direction when in choppy or windy waters. Most owners of Sea Kayaks add a spray skirt to help keep them dry when in ocean/choppy conditions.

Fishing Kayaks
Fishing Kayaks look very similar to a Recreational Kayak but they have modified extras. They tend to be wider than a standard kayak to add stability whilst pulling in your catch the for the BBQ. It’s not unusual to see custom made fishing kayaks as many people like to have the option to modify depending on what style of fishing they do. The kayak can feature accessories such as rod holders and mounts for devices such as electronic fish finders. The main thing you will notice with a Fishing Kayak is the storage space, designed to keep not just the fish you catch but also bait, spare lines and and even a beer or two. The seating design can differ depending on the type of fishing you intend on doing, so bare that in mind… it's well worth considering an upgraded seat such as the Stadium Kayak Seat for ultimate comfort and enjoyment for hours fishing on the water.

Post time: Sep-27-2021