Canayaking how to paddle correctly

In the canoeing sport only master certain skills to better control it, and only the correct grasp of these skills is the key to us can walk freely in the water, I’d like to explain some skills about kayak operation.

First of all, some standard kayak paddle paddle has a certain radian, it is the arc of water thrust, kayak can advance, can be said, is the power source of the kayak, paddle has two sides, called concave side, this is thrust side, should be back, the other side is called the back, a lot of the kayak paddle paddle is slightly asymmetric, because this can make the water more smooth movement, so we must pay attention to the back and front of the paddle.Second, we two hands to grasp the distance between the paddle, roughly the distance between the two elbows, in the paddle we can properly adjust the distance, distance adjustment, we will save a lot of effort, if you want to speed up the kayak speed, can be slightly lower distance, on the contrary, if you want to row time longer or long distance, so we can appropriately narrow the distance.In fact, some professional paddles will have a poor Angle difference on the slurry blade, which is somewhat similar to the propeller on the helicopter. The purpose is to reduce the resistance of the air to the water surface slurry blade.So our paddle hand should be fixed to the paddle handle, in the process of rowing do not have greater changes, because the hand is used to adjust the movement Angle of the paddle, so the Angle should not be greatly changed, and both hands hold the paddle should not be too hard, otherwise it is easy to cause hands fatigue.

The above is some small details that you should pay attention to, I hope you can see this article to help you skilled kayak.

Post time: Feb-26-2022