Canoe and Kayak

Canoeing:kayaking and canoeing.kayaking originated from a small boat made by the Eskimos in Greenland, which packs whale skins and oters on bone shelves and rowed with paddles with blades at both ends.Boat originated in Canada, and is also known as Canadian rowing.

Canaking, originated in Eskimo on Greenland in North America in the 1860s.In January 1924, the “International Canoe Association” was founded, abbreviated as 1.R.K, in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.In 1936, canoeing was listed as the official Olympic event at the 11th Olympics in Berlin.At the 1954 Games, the men’s 1000 m and women’s 500 m kayak events were established at the Beijing Water Games.In 1974, China joined the International Planning Federation.

The highest kayaking organization is the International Canoeing Federation, based in Madrid, Spain.China’s highest organization is the China Canoe Association, headquartered in Beijing.

double kayak

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