Canoe is good sport/summer in Spring

Spring Summing is comming! Canoe is the good choice to enjoy the lovely shinny weather for healthy and freedom.


Canoe is a speed and endurance event, is a water exercise value.It brings many benefits to people. Roof rack

Regular participation in kayaking exercise can effectively enhance the cardiovascular system and respiratory system functions, increase lung capacity, and develop the whole body muscle strength and endurance quality.

Canayaking exercises physical coordination.The movement process of the yacht is to pass the strength through the waist-basin-the muscle group around the hip to the limbs, and need the strength to coordinate the whole body, rely on the rotation of the hip joint, so that the waist hair force is used for the oar.Keep the kayak in the water required in the very unbalanced state of smooth and fast travel, fully exercise the body coordination ability, balance ability.

Canayaking is an effective back exercise method.The bony man, with protruding shoulder blades, look unsightly because of the weak muscles in the upper part of the back.Usually some people will contain chest hunchback, and spine discomfort and the lack of back muscle strength.Participating in canoeing, which can shape a flat and beautiful back, is also very suitable for women.

It promotes the development of the concentration spirit.When exercising, it requires a close combination of strength and technical movements, which requires the operator to control his movements well and rhythmically.Whether it is relaxation, coherence, large, fast, balanced, flexible, etc., the movement needs to focus, which is a good need for the development of the movement’s ability to focus.


Kayaking exercises your resilience.Boat rowing sometimes encounter turbulence, sharp turns, boulders and other emergencies, these challenges, can exercise people’s strain ability.

Post time: Mar-07-2022