Canoeing is Good for Healthy

Kayaking is a very exercise value water sport, belonging to the speed and endurance program.There are many benefits for people:
1. Often participate in canoeing, which can effectively enhance the function of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system,
Increase spirocapacity, develop body muscle strength and endurance quality.

2. Canoeing can exercise physical coordination.
The movement process of kayaking should transfer the strength to the limbs through the muscle group around the waist-pelvis-hip joint, and need to make the whole body coordinate the force to rely on the rotation of the hip joint to drive the waist hair force on the paddle.
The kayak needs to keep the kayak steady above the water in a very unbalanced state,
This challenge, fully exercise the coordination, balance of the body.
3. Canoeing is the most effective back bodybuilding exercise.
Thin people, with prominent shoulder blades, look unsightly due to the weak muscles on the upper part of the back.In ordinary life, some people will have a chest hunchback, and some spinal discomfort are related to the lack of dorsal muscle strength.Participating in kayaking can create a flat back and is also very suitable for women.


4. Canoeing promotes the development of focus.
When exercising, power is required to be closely combined with technical movements, which makes the movement need good, rhythmic control of their movements.Whether it is relaxation, coherence, large, fast, balance, flexibility, we need sports people to pay attention, and maintain a certain degree of persistence, which needs to go well into the development of sports people concentration.


5. Canoeing exercises people’s resilience.
In the process of rowing, you will sometimes encounter turbulence, sharp turns, big stone and other emergencies, these challenges, can exercise people’s ability to adapt.Experienced canoests will be able to change calmly and deal with many problems calmly.


6. Canoeing promotes the development of teamwork ability.
Some rowing boats are rowed by two or four people, and several athletes need to move together and together in order to keep a steady and fast progress.In the process, team collaboration is very important.

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After saying all that, most of all, kayaking is cool.Imagine you rushing around in the middle of the water… just cool

Post time: Nov-26-2021