Client Inspection Day

We have produced our classic ocean kayak modelEKSIT48600 for whole 2 months. The delivery of next container is approching.  Today the client arrange a inspection again at our factory. The result is that all the kayaks passed the inspection. Our quality is superior always. Our client is satisfied with the quality of their order. We do appreciate for it very much. We’ll keep working hard and controlling the quality strictly.

This kayak is produced by 3 layers sandwich technology that is the most high grade in rotomolded kayak field. With this construction the kayak is much more strong but less weight. Then the kayak can rowing with high speed. It’s popular and professional design for ocean kayak. We have been exported to north Europe every season. 

 Here are some photo of the kayaks inspected today:

EKSIT48600 inspecting


 Sit In Ocean kayak are usually used at sea with warped heads, long and narrow bodies, storage tanks at both ens, cabin front deck, and real-time storage, such as charts, diet, drag rope… This type is faster, high wave breaking ability, easy to row straight, but slower slowly. New finished products, more configuration rudder configuration. Due to sea, boaters wear a wave proof / waterproof skirt to prevent water from flooding into the cabin-maintaining stability

 Ocean kayak is a kayaking model with slender, generally over 4 m, with tail rudder, easy to control direction and suitable for long distance travel.In small sea conditions, it can be used in offshore seas. The boat is slender, generally 4 meters, with tail rudder, easy to control direction, suitable for long distance travel.


Sit in Ocean kayak normally is equiped with easy ajustable foot rest, rudder system, rubber waterproof hatches, height adjustable seat with comfortable soft cushion, mesh bags and bungee cords, ront and back carrying handles. The the light color such as yellow and red colors are most popular.

Post time: Nov-12-2021