Kayak Sports



Kayaking, rowers paddle in a special small craft with one or several rowers rowing in the direction of progress.There are two kayaks and rowboats, both without paddle gear.The kayak has the rudder, the rower sits in the boat, using a roughly 90 ° paddle, rotating on both sides of the boat, the rower kneels on the front leg bow and hind legs, and one side.Boat, also known as canoe, was a tool of human fishing and hunting as early as the primitive period.


In 1865, Scots J. McGregor built a closed kayak that attracted interest and countries copied it.By the second half of the 19th century, Britain and Britain had established canoe clubs and associations.The International Boat Federation was established in Copenhagen in 1924 in Copenhagen, Denmark.In 1936 at the 11th Olympics, canoeing was officially listed as an Olympic event.Includes men’s 1,000 m single double kayak and canoeing, 10,000 m single double kayak and double canoeing, detachable 10,000 m single double kayak for a total of 9 items.Women’s 500 m single kayayThe women’s 500 m single kayak event was added at the 1948 14th Olympics.


The basic techniques of kayaking can be roughly divided into paddle (water), paddle, paddle and paddle (paddle).Canaking has three technologies in Hungary, Germany and Scandinavia; rowing has three technologies in Czechoslovakia, Canada and Sweden.The competition is played in natural or artificial lakes.The 500 meters and 1000 meters are divided, with 9 channels, a width of 5 to 9 meters and a water depth of not less than 3 meters.The 10,000 m race is uneven, with a straight channel of at least 1,000 meters from the start route to the first turn, and the last turn to the end.In the last 1000 m straight path, the rules of five m within 1000 m without a channel sign (at least 5 m apart) shall be strictly followed.There are no national or world records, all using the named competition system.The arrangement method of group elimination is generally adopted.The 10,000 m event was only played in 1 final.

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