Summer is coming, kayaking to know what?

Summer is coming, kayaking to know what?

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Canoeing, this sport is very low domestic popularity, currently due to the frequent drowning incidents, let people talk about water color, banned water has become a consensus.No water ban is no less than blocking the source and interception.What I want to say is that the strength of kayaking is not the ability to break several levels of white water, which channel to cross, more is the judgment of danger, self-rescue ability, team rescue ability, and finally the ability to avoid big accidents.
Understand the equipment needed for lower kayaking
Hard boats and subdivided a lot of series out, rivers, streams, fancy, platform boats, ocean…… Many, many, and they can be chosen according to your personal preferences.

Now that the boat has one, you need a paddle.Pulp is consumables here. Why?If it hits a stone, it will break, and if it takes off a boat, it will easily die and be washed away.The pulp is also divided into a lot.

And the most important life jackets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A helmet just as important as a life jacket

Wave wave skirt that prevent plenty of water from pouring into your cabin

The equipment is introduced, and the safety issue is also discussed.Now begin to talk about boating.

Inflatable boat is relatively simple, just not speaking for the time being.I’ll talk about the hard boat.The threshold of the hard boat is relatively high, because it has a roll.Simply put, the boat falls in the water and you have to turn it up, or you have to take off.
There are SUP piles of water sports feel all at once.
Finally, I’d like to say that don’t veto it just because of fear. This campaign can increase your ability to judge the danger, self-rescue ability, and the ability of team rescue ability, and finally avoid big accidents.

Post time: May-06-2022